Cianna is half human on her Mother's side (her Mother, Valandra, was a Druid Priestess from old Earth) and half Elven on her father's side. Her father, Lindir Soryn, was born in Novia, however his parents were themselves Outlanders and from old Earth. The Soryn family has, over time, become one of the highest ranking families in the community of Earthen Elves who banded together after finding themselves living in a strange new world. This community has its own rankings and nobility that is outside of, and separate from, the world they now inhabit.

Cianna is generally a kind and sensitive soul, more Bard than Warrior. Indeed, she would rather write than fight, and she runs a bookseller's shop in the town of Aelasar's Forest called "The Lady Writer's Bookseller". However, a harrowing betrayal by her father and the resulting death of her mother, have hardened her and made her a warrior out of necessity: she is avowed to avenge her mother's death. She's an accomplished swords woman, and a somewhat mediocre archer. She renounced the Soryn name she was born with and instead chose one from the stories her mother used to tell her of the Tuatha De Danann in a place on Earth called Ireland. Cianna loved those stories as a child. Indeed they are partly what spurred her imagination and led her to becoming the writer now known as Cianna Danann.

Aelasar’s Forest, nested in the rural outskirts of Brittany, was given to Cianna by her paternal grandmother, Aelasar Soryn, after the death of Cianna’s mother. Aelasar knew of the treachery carried out by her son and wished to give Cianna a safe place to live. It is Cianna’s refuge and haven, and the base from which she steps out into the night to carry out her plans of revenge.

In-game mail: Cianna

Discord: #3899

Aelasar’s Forest

We are a beautiful, peaceful village nestled deep in the woods surrounding Central Brittany.

Enter Central Brittany through the West Gate (default choice). On your right are wagons for traveling. Click the first one on the left (for Forests) and choose Aelasar's Forest to visit us.

Free lodging available for Outlanders. Contact Governor Cianna in game or via Discord #3899.

Soryn Fields (Our sister city)

Soryn Fields is a bustling metropolis (located on the Overworld between Resolute and Highvale) with a large, active marketplace.

Free lodging available for Outlanders. Contact Governor Nick Cold in game or via Discord #8658.