Emberlee Arwen is of Novian birth, born in a very small, unknown elven village in Krabnevir, one of many rural Earthen Elf communities.

Young and spirited, and sometimes a little too brave and daring, Emberlee snuck aboard a large sailing vessel in Brittany. During the ship's travels across the ocean, it was attacked by pirates and forced to go inland to a pirate town called Tortuga. Well known for its ale and whiskey runners and many taverns, Tortuga is full of unworthy and drunken pirates, not the place for a young elven female. Two days into her stop in Tortuga, Emberlee met a very wealthy pirate woman named Jewels Black, who owned a good portion of Tortuga's businesses. Mrs. Black was quickly drawn to Emberlee's misfortune and dire need for help for she herself had once been young and naive, and had washed ashore in Tortuga with not a penny to her name.

Mrs. Black quickly made arrangements and hired an ale runner to escort Emberlee back to Novia. Mrs. Black made it clear that Emberlee was to be taken to Aelasar's Forest, a place where she knew there lived a very passionate, caring half-human half-elf female named Cianna Danann. Mrs. Black knew that Cianna would keep an eye on Emberlee and help her become a fine young woman.

Upon arriving in Aelasar's Forest, Emberlee fell in love with the beauty of the forest and the warmth of the town. With Cianna's help, Emberlee has become a very prominent town and Guild member who loves to assist with town functions. Emberlee has finally found a place in her heart to call home.

Aelasar’s Forest

We are a beautiful, peaceful village nestled deep in the woods surrounding Central Brittany.

Enter Central Brittany through the West Gate (default choice). On your right are wagons for traveling. Click the first one on the left (for Forests) and choose Aelasar's Forest to visit us.

Free lodging available for Outlanders. Contact Governor Cianna in game or via Discord #3899.

Soryn Fields (Our sister city)

Soryn Fields is a bustling metropolis (located on the Overworld between Resolute and Highvale) with a large, active marketplace.

Free lodging available for Outlanders. Contact Governor Nick Cold in game or via Discord #8658.