When Ragnar, a wanderer in the world of Novia, lost his memory, he started on a journey with the mindset of "Where I walk, I walk alone."

After a few months of solitary wandering, he stumbled upon a beautiful hidden forest town.  As soon as his feet touched its ground, he felt a pulling, welcoming aura, unlike anything he'd ever felt before. While exploring this peaceful forest town, he felt a shadow following him. Some kind of half human, half Elven looking shadow was coming closer to him. To his surprise, it was a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile. She asked him if he needed a home, probably noticing his ripped gear and broken 2-handed axe.

Ragnar accepted this offer, as how could he have said no to this kind offer from Cianna.

While living in his new town, Ragnar has been focusing on his fighting abilities. Starting as a warrior, he discovered that he also had other skills, such as magic. It seems that before losing his memory he was a Necromancer with creature taming abilities.

With the help of Nick, Cianna's right-hand man, Ragnar unleashed his full potential and has been behind Cianna and her Forest Dwellers ever since.
Discord: Ragnar Shakor#4341

Aelasar’s Forest

We are a beautiful, peaceful village nestled deep in the woods surrounding Central Brittany.

Enter Central Brittany through the West Gate (default choice). On your right are wagons for traveling. Click the first one on the left (for Forests) and choose Aelasar's Forest to visit us.

Free lodging available for Outlanders. Contact Governor Cianna in game or via Discord #3899.

Soryn Fields (Our sister city)

Soryn Fields is a bustling metropolis (located on the Overworld between Resolute and Highvale) with a large, active marketplace.

Free lodging available for Outlanders. Contact Governor Nick Cold in game or via Discord #8658.